Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Farmer's Markets

It's that time again....Spring is truly here....the small farm stands are popping up.  Hallelujah!!  I love buying my fresh eggs and vegetables here, I love driving to the stand, I love the beauty that surrounds me, the dirt road and the one lane wooden bridge and the cows, horses and the giant black crows or maybe they are vulchers or ravens that always sit on the fence.  I have met several wonderful people at the stand, the farmer who grows the vegetables, the farmer's wife who tends the chickens and treasures each beautiful egg her heirloom chickens lay and other shoppers who love this tradition as much as I do.  Sincere people that want a closer relationship with where their food comes from, proud to support small farmers and even happier to feed their families food grown down the street by people you have met and feel a connection with.  You can feel the love and commitment they put into growing the food that we are so lucky to serve in our homes.  Spring!!!  I love it.

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