Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

 I am sooooo thankful for the family I enjoy as often as possible.  They are energetic, fun, loving, caring, busy and most of all love each other.  Here we are at Lowe's building Santa and his sleigh.  No fingers were hurt during this event.  Only the older folks (Sparky and I) knees were damaged.  They are still hurting. Small price to pay for so much joy!

My wonderful husband, Joe, who is part pirate and part witch.  He left me a lovely photo shoot on my camera when he was out of town for a few days.  A photo shoot and sticky notes of love in the most unusual places.....more about that later.

Here we are attempting a new recipe for Turkey Day....a large marshmallow wrapped in sweet potatoes and then rolled in corn flakes and finally.....fried.  As Erika said it is a party in your mouth! 

Justice wins the prize for the largest sweet potato was the winner with three marshmallows inside. Blue Ribbon Ball.

The Best Cousins for Life!  Zoe, Ashton, Jackson and Justice.

I just like this signage.

And that's no Bull.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with you and yours.  I wish you peace and a house filled with laughter and love.  And a full tummy.


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