Friday, September 30, 2011

Cooking Love....

Hello Everyone,

There are the links for Bella Cucina and Porta Via.  They are also on FB.
Simplicity is a luxury. Passion is a choice. Good food is sacred. Award-winning + artisan Made by hand in small batches in our kitchen. Feeding locals + loyals. We ship gorgeous gifts. Recipes, ideas + inspiration - La Bella Vita Cookbook.
PORTA VIA means "Take it to the streets" in Italian. beautiful food to go. or eat in at communal gathering table or our window watching stand up bar. Catering + Box lunches also available.
Bella Cucina is a company that produces artisanal Italian products.  Porta Via is their retail shop in VA/Hi.  The shop is an oasis of calm, peace, beauty and wonderful food.  the owner, Alisa Berry is an artist, the art?  Living well.

Porta Via and Murphy’s (for the wine) got together and created this event.  They will be having monthly events and have asked me to cook each event.  I got allot of good feedback last night and really felt like I was in my groove.  Heaven.

I cooked the following menu in front of 35 people. On a one burner table top gas grill. What a blast! I felt alive.

Smoked Salmon slices over goat cheese drizzled with Meyer lemon relish
Mission Figs stuffed with smoked blue cheese with chestnut honey
Cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto

Kale Caesar Salad with baby Watercress, local farm eggs with onion/bacon jam and aioli lemon dressing

Sauteed Scallops dusted with citrus fennel salt with Key Lime Cream

Farro Salad with arugula Pesto and toasted pine nuts

Chocolate bread pudding.

Pam Forester

Celebrating the abundance of Life, Family, Friends and Food.

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