Friday, August 12, 2011

Bowls and Memories

These bowls belonged to my Mamaw (Grandmother).  I treasure them. The one with the vegetables was my Mother's. But the McCoy bowls were handed down to me from Mamaw.  They have a certain scent....yeah I know that sounds crazy....but when I pick one of them up I automatically raise is to my nose and smell it.  It has a certain scent of my Mamaw or my childhood. They evoke such memories of being in her kitchen watching her cook or snap beans, or wash dishes by hand, no dishwasher.  That is the way I wash these....lovingly by hand.

 I would sit on the stool with the pull out steps and ask her if I could do the things she was doing.  She started me out with small projects such as licking the bowl of batter after she mixed up a cake.  My sister and I got either the spoon or the bowl.  I have a sense of excitement when I remember these times.  How she would grease and flour the round baking pans, so beautifully dusted with the white flour and then perfectly divide the batter between the two pans knock them gently against the table top to release the air bubbles and slide them into the oven.  A table much like this one.

Of course the best part was the icing.  I still think of frosting cakes as art and of course today if you watch any of the baking shows on TV it is not only art but sport as well.  For me a simple layer cake, butter cake with chocolate icing is a magical creation.  A work of art filled with love and memories of a woman who loved her grandchildren with her whole heart. 

She took the time to be with us, to teach us, to cook for us, to sew our clothes, to wash our hair (every Saturday night whether we needed it or not), to carry us to church each Sunday.  She would rise before anyone else and prepare a Sunday breakfast of our favorite foods....cereal, pop tarts, scrambled eggs, toast and chocolate milk.  This was before she got us dressed, took care that Papaw was fed and dressed, and then put Sunday Dinner in the oven to cook while we were at church. 

When we got home from church is was a rush to change clothes and get the entire Sunday dinner ready.  She always used these bowls.  Her kitchen was a small one, not allot of space to store anything.  So these bowls were used often and well.  Filled with hand snapped green beans, mashed potatoes, peas of all sorts or fruit or rolls/biscuits or whatever she was making or serving.  They were mixing bowls and serving bowls.  I must say I think they were beautiful filled with her food placed on her big red and chrome table.  I wish I had that table today.  I wish I still had her today.  I miss you Mamaw.

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