Monday, August 1, 2011

Barbie Baby Shower.....Has Barbie ever been pregnant?

A Shower for Popcorn, Barbie Themed and Full of Love.

No, Barbie has never been pregnant.  However, legions of her faithful followers have is a room full of them.   Thanks Alexi errrr...I mean Fairy Godmother....for a wonderful shower for Tia and all of the Barbie trivia.  I had no idea, really.....I did not get even one question correct. 
The year Barbie was born? 1954.
This is the very first Barbie.  Cost? $3.00.  The most ever paid for a Barbie?  $27,000+. 

This Fairy Godmother submitted her resume to the newly pregnant parents, Tia and Eric.  She outlined why she was the best candidate for the coveted title of FGM.  She was thusly chosen and her wand awarded. 

One of her first duties?  Host a baby shower.  And she did!  See some of the fun below.

Her wings are sprouting.

                                          Fairy Godmother...dressed to party!

                         The FGM and the GRAND Fairy Godmother's Wands.

           I'm now Grand Fairy Godmother.  Time flies, just like Fairy Godmothers.
                                                         Impostor Barbie!
                                                       Barbie Buffet.

                                          Popcorn's Popcorn Goody Boxes.

                                                Barbie's Everywhere!

A story of a Fairy Godmother's Love for a precious child, Tia.

Lovely Holly. Evergreen.

                                               Is there anything lovelier?

     Don't you wish you had eyelashes like Louis?  This is one handsome little dude.

                                   Aunt Katie and Marmie...answering Barbie Trivia.

Tia's dress from her babyhood....along a pic of her wearing it along with Marmie.

This is the photo Tia has in her hand in the above picture.  Marmie and Tia, back in the day.   I just want to squeeze her....she was a beautiful child and grew into a beautiful woman, just like Marmie.

 Barbie Shoes...just a few of the billion + clothes designed for Barbie.  She beat the hell out of Imelda Marcos.

                       Shoes...can a girl EVER get enough?  Me thinks not. We love shoes!

We love the Mommy too!

                                              Tia's first saddle oxfords.

Congratulations Tia and Eric!  We are all so happy for you and we can't wait to meet Miss Popcorn!

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