Monday, July 25, 2011

Bruschetta Rockafella'

Creamed Spinach

1 lb. Fresh Spinach

1tsp Olive Oil

1tsp Butter

2-3 Tbl Cream Cheese

¼ Cup Fresh Grated Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese

3-4 Grating of Nutmeg

Salt & Pepper to taste

In a large sauté pan heat oil and butter until just smoking.  Add ½ of spinach sprinkle with s & p, cook until wilted.  Add ½ of cream cheese and parm stir until mixed.  Add the other ½ of spinach cook until wilted and add remaining cheese and nutmeg.   Adjust s&p if necessary.  If mixture is too thick for your taste add a splash of cream of milk until your consistency is reached.  Serve immediately.  Serves 2-3.

Fried Oysters

1 pint of freshly schucked oysters

1 Egg, slightly beaten

1 cup of Panko Bread Crumbs

Oil for frying (I used canola)

Dry the oysters with paper toweling.  Dip in the egg wash and roll in the breadcrumbs.  Fry at approx. 350 degrees until golden brown and delicious.

Slice a baguette diagonally and toast, place a spoonfull of creamed spinach on toast, add a fried oyster and enjoy!  A glass of bubbly goes wonderfully well with the bruschetta! 

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