Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pimento Cheese Southern Thru & Thru

I am from the south (Chattanooga, TN) and never appreciated pimento cheese until I was grown. We had it growing up but it came from the store in a small round tub from Mrs…..somebody. I thought it was only for old people. But as an adult in my “shower” years I slowly learned to appreciate the beauty of pimento cheese. Once I tasted the real thing, I got it, with a vengence. I haved used pecans in my recipe and I love the crunchiness they add to the creaminess of the cheese. I use Wickles sandwich relish to kick it up a knotch, if you like a little heat, try it.

"Shower" years are normally in your twenties, when all of your friends are getting married or having babies.  You tend to have allot of showers or attend allot of showers.

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