Monday, January 10, 2011

SnowDango 2011

SnowDango 2011
Saturday we spent the day searching for a kerosene heater, much driving around from place to place we finally thought to call before we drove. Eureka! Out came the Blackberry, searched for Home Depots, Lowe's, Tractor Supply and Ace Hardware. Finally, at the Ace Hardware at Holcomb Bridge and Spalding Drive we struck kerosene! They had four heaters in stock but they would not hold one for us. Damn. So we Googled directions and set out for Norcross. We pulled into the over flowing parking lot. We squeezed into the store and asked the first employee we found "where are the kerosene heaters?" The gentleman took us to the section where these products were shelved. One kerosene heater left! We laid hands upon it and claimed it for our own! We asked some pertinent questions which were promptly answered, one of which was the cost. How much? $199.99. Then we asked about the fuel, yes they had some in stock, 1 gallon or 5 gallons. How much? $10.00 per gallon. How long will a gallon last? Fourteen to sixteen hours. We chose the five gallons. On our way to the cashier we spotted snow sleds! Another item everyone else was sold out of. We picked up two sleds for two of our nephews. Happiness is a snow sled!

So as were are leaving the Ace Hardware another customer asks one of the clerks if they had any kerosene heaters in stock. The clerks points to Joe and says "that guy just bought the last one". The customer looks at Joe and say "I will give you $300 for it" and then the guy behind this customer shouts out "I will give you $325". Joe hesitates and then answers "sorry but no sale". So we take our precious kerosene heater, 5 gallons of fuel, 2 sleds and out point of sale purchase (beefy jerky, which was really good) and left.

On the way home we started thinking that we may have missed an opportunity to make some fast cash. Not only on the heater but the sleds. We should have bought all they had and then sold them on the street corner up from our house at twice the price. I know they would have sold lightening fast. But by this time we had spent about 4 hours, miles of driving, numerous phone calls and significant aggravation Googling directions running all over town. We wanted to go home and get ready for SnowDango! One more stop....the grocery store. Needless to say it was another adventure. But we made it out alive. Home at last!

Sunday I had a decision to make. Bake a ham or cook a pot of chili? Which would it be? I finally decided to bake the ham, since we still had power. If we lost power I could still make the chili on Monday. We have a gas range. If we lost power I felt confidant that we could get the stove top to light but was unsure if the oven would be available. So I baked the ham, made green beans, macaroni and cheese, and sauteed some apples. A real Sunday dinner.

My parents came over to spend SnowDango with us and we had a wonderful dinner. Then we started the countdown, when we would we spot the first frozen precipitation? We all chose our time and created the winners bag-o-treats. We each went around the house and chose five random items. We then put them in the goody bag and sealed our lips. No one knew exactly what the "prizes" would be. Joe picked 9:18pm as the winning time. The snow started at 9:39pm....Joe wins! He was closest. Lucky Joe won a grape tomato, 2 soda crackers, a 2009 calender, a note pad, half a bottle of shampoo, a plastic dinosaur, a Texas belt buckle, a Clif bar, a pair of women's socks, Santa and snowman salt & pepper shakers, a flashlight, bacon salt, Easter Seals, some Canadian coins, a raisenet and some other items I can't talk about. Talk about a GRAND Prize! How lucky can one guy be?

Today we all watched allot of the Weather Channel and WSB, all day coverage of SnowDango. Finally cooked the pot of chili and a pone of corn bread. Mother made her famous banana bread earlier and we have picked on it all day. We are watching the National Championship Game between Auburn and Oregon. Go War Eagles!! Anticipating the weather tomorrow, hoping the roads will be clear and we can get out of the house.

And how did you and yours spend the weekend?


  1. I just love this story! Especially the grand prize. What fun!

  2. You have just made me hungry and it is 4AM! Love the Feast!