Friday, January 7, 2011

SNOW EVENT PART II Winter 2010 - 2011

Another significant snow event in Atlanta Georgia within two weeks? Wow. Apart of me feels like a little kid, excited, jumpy with anticipation and the best school on Monday?! Then feeling that it won't happen. The weatherman is wrong, just hyping the weather for ratings, that's what all of the grown ups(damn them)say.

Hope, Hope, Hope.

I don't want anyone to say anything adult-like. It will snow, it will, it will! Let's all be childlike, make hot chocolate, pop popcorn, make a pot of chili, get someone to start a fire in the fireplace, get the board games out, find your gloves, determine what can be used as a sled, finish the book(s) I am reading and find out what good movies are on TV? much to think about and plan for.....I gotta' go... must run to the grocery.

Happy Winter Everyone!

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