Saturday, December 4, 2010

Welcome Holidays!

Isn't this a lovely photo? It really speaks to me, gives me a sense of welcome and Christmas and warmth. What does it say to you? Please leave a comment and tell me. Thanks Holly!

For all of those of us that did not decorate our homes, inside and out, last is time. We've got the tree up and lit now it's time to add the glam. This year we have decided to create a festival of lights in the BACKYARD instead of the front. We never see the front of the house except for the initial run out to the edge of the yard or into the street to see how the lights look. That is still an exciting feeling to me to see the house and yard all lit up for the first time. We favor the good ole C-9 bulbs, they line the arches on our front porch and roof line. We do use the smaller lights around the trees and shubbery. AND we use multi colored lights, not all white. I am kinda' over the all white lights thing. We are just the kooky neighbors who blaspheme against good taste and mix it up with those huge C-9s and allllll thaaat culuh. Please. We might decorate the trash can this year.

Anyway we have decided to light up the backyard this year, we acually see our backyard everyday/night. Stay tuned for more pictures.

Happy Holidaze!

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