Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Head Colds, Whining and Working

I have a head cold. My ears are ringing, stuffy nose, eyes are watery and my head feels like it is going to explode. I am at work in an office. I am sure my co-workers wish I was at home, not here indiscriminately spreading germs to anyone and everyone. I too wish that was the case. But alas that is not allowed at the company who very promptly pays me twice monthly. Although, my boss who is on vacation this week said to me...and I quote "I can do the same things at home as at work, so call me if you need me". I would have to be in the morgue before I would call her while she is on vacation. Wait....that would be impossible....but you get the idea. I would at least be hospitalized.

My husband is working from home with the same cold, not sharing his germs with anyone but me and the cat. Lucky us. I realize that not all positions can be done from home....but those that can be should be allowed to do so. I am feeling prickly and irritable. I really just want to crawl into bed and stay there until my head reconnects to my neck and everything is 100% once again. Sometime in 2011. Insert big sigh here.

I bet you are glad you checked in here at ForesterFeasts today! Lucky You! Misery and whining abound. Drop back bye tomorrow and see how much better I feel. Say a prayer.

Thanks honey for the I need some of this bread.

Do you know any home remedies that really work? I'll try 'em and report back here with "scientific" conclusions and results. Here is the definition according to Sound 'bout right. UGH.

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