Saturday, November 13, 2010

Computers and Commitment

I made a commitment to myself. When I decided to start this experiment called "blogging" I would not spend any money until I was relatively sure I would stick with it. I would blog for 6 months before I made any financial decisions. The six months in almost up, I have spent no money and have enjoyed the process so much. I believe I am hooked. So..... I have decided it is time to buy my first laptop! I have soooooo resisted this change. I hate the size of laptop keyboards and that little button thing for a mouse. But I really want the flexibility and FREEDOM a laptop can provide. I can still dock it (I love saying that)(sounds like I'm driving a boat)when at home. So I think I will have the best of both worlds. I need a new tower for my home office as well, but that one is going to have to wait. So, I am taking the plunge and after research and saving my pennies I have found the one for me. I am buying it today. I am excited! If you never hear from me'll know the new computer was a complete failure. LuvYuv!

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