Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life Changes

You may be wondering what crayons, a woman making a toast and a path through the forest have in common. Well to my mind and imagination they form a theme, with crayons you can change the color of anything and draw outside the box, toast your imagination and RUN down that new path with courage and laughter. It's your life, live it!

Emphasis on Change
Roll With It, Baby!

Throughout our lives we constantly experience change. However, our attitude toward change is what will determine our state of mind. When you look back on the changes you have lived through, do you remember the fear or anticipation that you felt before the transformation took place? Some changes are faced with fear and trepidation. Some changes are faced with joy and anticipation. Usually, when the dust settles, we are surprised at the differences in our lives, good and bad.

If we embrace the challenges and opportunities that we encounter and face each situation with confidence, all paths will become manageable. Each bend in the road will become one of excitement and anticipation not dread and fear. Having a grounded true knowledge of oneself is the most valuable tool we have at our disposal. Knowing that you can handle any situation can increase your confidence and ability to be a better friend, husband, wife, mother, father, employee, employer, and person.

The ability to roll with the punches is much easier said than done. Change is frightening and very stressful. How we accept change is the key. When problems arise in our lives, the ability to focus and see the situation as a series of small steps rather than an insurmountable obstacle is invaluable. After taking a few small steps the problem will seem more manageable and the rest of the steps will pass with ease. Your sense of accomplishment will increase and soon you will be looking for problems to handle. Problem Slayer, that’s what you will be known as. With practice, rolling with the punches becomes second nature and you will notice that people will look to you for leadership in a crisis because you will make it look so easy.

In our lives change is a daily, no hourly, no minute-by-minute fact not an occasional occurrence. The ability to not only accept change but welcome it, is an attitude we must adopt and make second nature. Adopting this attitude will allow us to create solutions that may change the way we normally do things. Additionally, that may require us to think outside of the box. Leaving that box can be frightening but ultimately is exhilarating, if we will only seize the moment. Take a chance on trying something new today and then tomorrow do it again! Before long it will be a habit and your life will be more fulfilling and rewarding. Trust yourself and others will do the same.

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