Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Honor of my Brother, Zane Biddle.

A Tribute to one of the finest men I have ever known. Zane Biddle.

Zane was a special person. He dedicated his life to his beliefs and love of God. He married my sister, Julie and I have never seen a more devoted couple. They spent every moment together and were happy about it. We used to tease them, saying don't you ever get tired of each other? Just because you are married doesn't mean you must spend every waking (and sleeping) moment glued to each other. Unbeknown st to us, they pitied the rest of us poor folks the ones who didn't understand the joy they found simply being in each other company, doing every day chores and duties together. Celebrating daily rituals as well as momentous occasions together. Holidays and ordinary daze spent together. They were happy. When their children came along the love expanded and grew into a family together. Zane and Julie created a ministry working with military youth together. They worshiped, worked, loved, created, celebrated, consoled, argued, disagreed, raised their children, supported one anothers needs TOGETHER.

On January 27, 2010 Zane started a new journey that would separate him from his beloved Julie and their children, Jackson (6) and Zoe (4). He passed from this world to another happier, peaceful, love filled place. He is still here with us in spirit. We feel him around us constantly. But he went ahead to be there when his family arrives. He will welcome them (us) with all the love in his heart and soul. Until then, my Brother, I miss you and I love you.

He has SuperPowers!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Eskimo Kisses! Mouse and Daddy sharing a moment.
Kisses to Daddy!

Like Father, Like Son Bring on the Beef! HungryMen!

Myron Zane Biddle
Great Husband to Julie
Awesome Father to Jackson and Zoe
Might Warrior for the Kingdom of God!

The memorial is finally completed. I thought you might like to see the finished project. Julie put alot of thought and effort into this tribute to her husband. As you will see, it faces the children's playground where he spent allot of time with his own children as well as the youth he worked for and with everyday. He loved his life and his legacy will live on through the many lives he touched. We were so very lucky to have him in our lives. Selfishly, I wish we had more earthly time with him. I still miss him, terribly.


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