Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn, Pumpkins, Family and Fun

We got our tickets!!
Good sittin' punkin'.

This is the Pumpkin Playhouse. Reviews in the late edition were fantastic, Broadway Bound.

Justice heading out to pick up a few orange beauties.....errr.....hopefully he meant pumpkins.

Kendahl and I loved the mini Ghost Pumpkins.

When you are too tired to walk, hop a wheelbarrow. Poppa's back is screaming, "arn't these kids too big to ride???" Feets do your thing...walk.

Mom and her boys, not sure who had more fun.

Mom and her boy, not to sure who had more fun, again.

That thing is almost as big as your aunt's ass. Just sayin'.

Field of Big Ass Dreams.

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