Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Emergency! My sister, Julie, had to take her daughter the doctor's office. As you can tell from the pictures above they are waiting to be seen by the doctor. Zoe is a brave child, last week she had to have four shots, two in each thigh. She never cried, screamed, yelled or even whimpered. Stoically, she sat on her Mother's lap and took it like a real trooper. After all four shots had been administered she looked at her Mommy with tears brimming in her beautiful eyes and said "I don't want anymore shots" and just laid her sweet little head on Mommy's shoulder. The child never complained about the shots or the risidual soreness, although she did favor her left leg for a couple of days. Now the pictures posted above are NOT from that office visit. These photos are from her brother's visit to the doc...for a checkup. But they are posted here to illustrate the "family emergency"........

Zoe, my niece, cut her own hair today. She is four going on forty. I I believe that this act shows intelligence and incentive not to mention guts... Her Mother is NOT happy. I can't help but giggle, her Mother found no humor in the situation. her other aunt "Sparky" cut her own hair at that age. She and Zoe have very similar qualities, intelligence, inititive, mischievousness, temper and sense of humor. Sparky also liked to cut her Barbie doll's hair. All of her dolls were very fashion forward, short spikey hair, some wore a buzz cut and some were totally bald. If Zoe grows up to be like her Sparky, she will be a helluva' gal.

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