Thursday, September 2, 2010

End of Summer

I am so ready for this summer to be over. The extreme heat we have had for the past three months has been torturous. I live in the South, we are accustomed to hot, humid summers but this one....has been so much more...Africa Hot and 90% humidity, UGH! This weekend, Labor Day, marks the end of summer for me. The last time to swim, boat, lay out in the sun, play in the sprinkler and bitch about the heat. Not that we couldn't do all of the above for the next month or so. We just become too busy doing other things, school, football, and then the holidaze starts.

Holidaze, I saw CHRISTMAS TREES in Hobby Lobby yesterday, they were installing their Christmas Department already! It's NOT EVEN Labor Day. Poor Halloween and Thanksgiving, they get ignored more and more each year. I am taking a stand and I will not plan anything to do with Christmas until after Thanksgiving. We will celebrate Labor Day with No labor. We will celebrate Halloween with witches, broomsticks, jack-o-lanterns and most importantly candy! We will celebrate Thanksgiving with prayers of gratitude for everydthing in our lives. Thanks for our families, friends, good health, our children's smiles and laughter, the feelings of anticipation, planning the feast,the wonderful way the house will smell, planning for the company that will fill the house with love, laughter and good cheer. Then we will embrace the Christmas Spirit and start to plan the celebration of that joyous season. Others maybe embracing their own holidaze in their own way, with traditions, customs, foods and festivals that I know nothing about. How do you celebrate the Autumn and Winter holidays? Please write and tell me.

As for this weekend, I will be spending time with family, one of my sisters is having knee surgery tomorrow and I will be there with her and then will play nurse for as long as she will let me. She is a stubbon one and doesn't like to depend on anyone. The doctor told her she would be out commission of at least a week, her response was "A WEEK!?" she thought she would be back at work and in the swing of things by Monday and knowing her, she probably will be, but not if I can help it. She must take care of herself for a change and I'm just the person to make sure she does. I am the oldest so she has to obey my "suggestions".

I think we will try and get over to one of our favorite Mexican places to enjoy some of the Hatch chilis that have just arrived. We are so excited, these things are addictive! Hatch Chili Rellanos with roasted tomato sauce....oh if only I had one right now. Well....gotta' run I feel lunch break coming on. Ole!


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