Monday, September 27, 2010

Chili 2010

Autumn finally arrived in the Atlanta area yesterday. The weather was FAB!!!! Rainy and about 72 degrees all day. After a record breaking summer of Heat from Hell the cool rainy day felt like Heaven. I pulled out on of my favorite pots, THE Mario Mother of all Dutch ovens!

I adore this piece of cookware, it's heavy, solid and beautiful. It holds heat like me when thinking about Johnny Depp. Ahhhh....okay I'm back...had to stop writing for a few and just daydream. For real this is one of the best pieces of cookware that I own and I use it constantly this time of the year. Fall just speaks out for soups, stews, braises etc. So yesterday we decided to make a batch of chili. Ummm....

I used 1.5 lbs of grass fed, no hormone, no antibiotic ground beef and a 1/2 lb of ground pork. Pinto and kidney beans, Rotel, roasted tomatoes, fresh onion,fresh jalapeno, fresh cilantro, Penzy's chili powder 9000, roasted cumin, red pepper flakes and water. After browning the meats and onion I scoot the meat to the sides of the pot and add the spices to the center of the pot to roast. As soon as you smell the spices start stirring the meats and onions into the spices. Next I hit it with the Rotel and roasted tomatoes, stir and cook for a few minutes, scrapping the bottom of pan. Then I add the beans and jalapeno (chopped fine)and chopped cilantro stir and cook for another few minutes. Add water to taste, I use 3-4 cups. Let simmer on the stove for the entire afternoon. Serve in bowls with chopped fresh onion, cilantro, sour cream, grated cheese and original Fritos. Or I might whip up a batch of cornbread to go with the chili. Serve with a cold beer, cold milk or cold coke. First batch of the season so far it is in first place in our household chili cookoff.

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