Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pralines, Prawlines, NO or Ga, no matter.

Favorite way to eat pralines? First I make them, cool and wrap in wax paper and store in a Christmas Tin, no matter the time of year. They must be stored in a Christmas Tin.
The first taste is while “cleaning” the pot, it’s about spotless by the time I’m through with it. Now, having said that…the real fun begins around 10pm when I can wait no longer. I stroll into the kitchen and slowly open the tin’s lid, trying to be as quiet as possible. I don’t want to alert the household that the pralines are open and ready to eat. Somethings I like to keep to myself. I take one wax paper wrapped piece of heaven and place it on one of my mother’s small dessert plates that have beautiful handpainted dogwood blossoms and remind me of her. I pour ice cold milk into a beautiful glass, pick out a beautiful linen napkin and sneak into my bedroom. Where I sit in my favorite chair and slowly unwrap the prize, I love the feel of the wax paper against my fingertips and the difused crunchiness of the paper in my ears. The sweet smell of vanilla and toasted nuts hits my nose and then….the first tiny bite…I let the bite sit on my tongue and start to melt and then rub the grainy texture across the roof of my mouth. At last the first sip of icy cold milk washes it down and I am content. I sit back, think of all the wonderful people, times and events in my life and I say ThankYouGod.

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