Friday, August 13, 2010

Moon Pies and RC Colas.

I was born and raised in Chattanooga and know the Moon Pie story well. They were always a treat for us kids. I always liked to eat mine as slowly as possible, to make it last longer! We were not allowed to have “cokes” as kids but we knew that a Moon Pie was supposed to go along side of an ice cold RC cola. Another big treat for us was dropping roasted salted peanuts in to cokes (small glass bottle only). You drank the coke and then ate the peanuts and it took some time to get all of those peanuts out of the bottom of the bottle. A snack size package of Lance peanuts from the treats machine at the beauty shop. We felt so special when we got to go the beauty shop with our “Mamaw”. That shop always smelled so good, feminine, like permanent wave solution, shampoo and conditioner all of this heated up by the big ass hairdryers, you know the chair dyers. And then there was the big ass rollers and bobbie pins and those big ass plastic/elastic bags that went over the rollers and then you got "plugged" into the chair. The women got to sit there, read a magazine or just Not think. Thier one time of the week of just real "me" time. When somebody else was taking care of business and making you feel like a queen. Of course my sister and I always wanted to tag along with her....probably spoiling the relaxation part of the day. It was so much fun and exciting. I think we should revive the tradition of the weekly "Wash & Set". I for one would love to have someone wash my hair and then wash it again and again (the best part!)and then have someone fix it for you EVERY week! Saturday was the day my Mother and Mamaw went to the beauty shop. My Mother's beauty shop was the "Clip & Curl" it is still open in the same place in Chattanooga, Brainerd Rd. My sister fell and seriously cut her hand open on one of those small Coke bottles at the Clip & Curl. I remember all the women running around wrapping white towels arounds her almost severed hand and the blood just soaked the towels immediately. Blood all over the floor, it was a mess. Mother was in the middle of the roll up portion of the wash & set. I don't think she was too happy to have her appointment interrupted. But she dashed us off to the hospital where Donna (my sister) had her hand sewn up and bandaged. She was fine, no permanent damage done. I do believe that was the last time we got to go the beauty shop with Momma.

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