Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I guess it's true you can't go home. Remember when you were a kid and went to visit your grandparents or other relatives? Everything seemed big. Visting Chattanooga and my grandparents old neighborhoods last weekend was a walk/drive down memory lane. However, everything seemed to have shrunk. North Chattagnooga is in a transitional phase right now, up and coming. Some lovely old homes and some funky new neighborhoods. I remember driving across the Walnut Street bridge, now you can only walk across. My Mother is terified of bridges, she would have to drive across that bridge white knuckling the steering wheel and telling up to hush up. Back in the day the you could look through the bridge and see the river, the surface of the bridge was metal grating and you could look down right into the river.

We were in Chattanooga to attend the SFA's Pot Likker Film Festival. What a great time we had! We started Friday morning by attending a "Cornbread Brunch" at the home of the President of the Lodge Mfg.Co.in South Pittsburgh TN. Lodge makes cast iron cookware, the finest anywhere. We were privledged to take a tour the foundry while it in operation, the first time ever. What an amazing place, they turn out over 800 pieces of cookware per hour, during the busiest times of the year they can produce over 1600 pieces per hour. They are family owned and operated since 1896 and have only 200 very loyal employees (more like an extended family). Generations of families have worked there. Lodge is ahead of the times in "green" enviromentally responsible stewardship of the earth. This is a company I have and will support with a happy conscience. I still use my grandmother's iron skillet, it makes the best cornbread anywhere. Well, my recipe may have a little something to do with it.



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