Thursday, July 8, 2010

No Pimento Cheese Balls for us.

Next stop another Quaint Little Restaurant in Roswell, Relish. We walk thru the crowded patio and enter the restaurant to be greeted by the hostess. She proceeds to tell us that they are closed until 5pm. We check the time and see that it is 4pm. I ask "you close for ONE hour between lunch and dinner?" I look outside and motion to all of the customers eating on the patio. No, they normally close at 3pm until 5pm. She responds that they have been there since lunch. HUH...I guess we look skeptical because she asks us to wait a moment. She has to go ask the manager, something. We can hear him tell her to advise us to visit their sister restaurant on the other side of the square. Apparently they are open all day. Another one bites the dust...instead of their scrumptious Pimento Cheese Balls. Damn. Off we go in search of another QLR. But wait there is MORE....


  1. First we tried Street Kitchen. I ordered something but they no longer had it because they had given me an out of date menu. Still they didn't take the menu away. Next we went to Chaplain's, opened the door and smelled cigarette smoke and the decade old musty carpet and decide the hell with that. Looked OK for a long drunken night, but not my idea that day for lunch. Stopped at the hardware store and considered fish bait for lunch since we were so hungry. Ended up at a new Cajun restaurant on the Roswell Sq. It was OK, but nothing to write home about. Cheese grits were awesome though.