Thursday, July 15, 2010

Marc's Black Iron Skillet Concoction.

Marc Neyman Bacon skillet dip recipe: start with 1 large bottle of booze drink it fairly quickly. Search thru fridge 4 stuff that looks like it would be good mixed together and then baked n iron skillet.(bacon, cheddar, colby, cream cheese green onion) make your little brother stir it all together. Call cab to run u back to liquor store, fall off front porch. ... Come back home and drink more. spread cheesy stuff n skillet. bring to family gathering. Open another bottle and consume. Bake n oven when only a select few r still awake, so as to avoid to much sharing. B suprised as hell when people actually like it, and pretend its a secret recipe when the truth is you were so drunk when u made it u dont remember exactly what u did.

1 comment:

  1. that's a damn good concoction... and i don't even cuss.