Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy July 4th Holiday!

Happy Birthday America!

We will be starting our weekend with the 'traditional' mexican fiesta this evening! Taqueria Del Sol here we come. The weekend will be filled with family and friends, no big plans we just want to relax and shift into neutral and idle. Cocktails and fireworks and possibly a bar-b-que in the back yard. Now THAT is traditonal. Enjoy your holiday in any manner you enjoy, stay safe and wish America Happy Birthday.

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  1. TDS is possibly the only restaurant I have ever craved. I can't say that there has ever been one thing I did not like there. I only regret in our last visit that we did not get the Corn Chowder. That stuff is crazy good. I can't wait for the fall to come when they get the New Mexico chiles in. I think we will have to go every week until they are out. Here's a tip to those of you that haven't been there...Don't stand in the line to order your food. Find two chairs at the bar and tell Bill the bartender Pam and Joe sent you. At the bar you can sit and enjoy a salsa trio, then order a cup of corn chowder, then order some tacos, etc. You don't have to keep getting in line to order your food. Plus, Bill is an awesome bartender. TDS rocks!