Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Free Iced Tea

So, Saturday afternoon Joe and I head out to have a late lunch and run some errands. Our purpose was to try something different and new. We head to Roswell,a quaint little town with numerous quaint little restaurants.

We stop a new Q.L.R. "Street Kitchen" after circling the block a couple of times I found a parking spot in the back. Now, it is not because the Q.L.R. is crowded that we can't locate a parking spot, it is because there are only 4 dedicated parking spots. Anyway, we enter the nearly empty QLR and are seated, we each receive a menu, I ask for a bloody mary. Ronnie, our waiter has to explain they don't have a pouring license yet and boy has it cost them some business! We each order a sweet tea. Tea arrives, it is good, so we start to peruse the menu. Joe decides upon something called a white quesadilla, I am still reading the confusing menu. They seem to have 5different ingredients but 15 ways to serve them. For example, you could and I almost did, choose the spicy tuna, you could have this as a sandwich, wrap or quesadilla. It took 3 pages of menu to determine that basically these were the offerings. They had listed "Sandwiches" 1, 2,3,4,5 page 1; "Wraps" 1,2,3,4,5 page 2; "Quesadilla" 1,2,3,4,5 page 3. Then the entree page, served after 5pm, Beer & Wine 2 pages.

We start to notice that our menus are a bit different, Joe's menu plainly says "white quesadilla" mine plainly does not. At this point we are thinking okay....maybe we will order the quesadilla, split it and go find another restaurant to try. Mainly because we don't want to get up and just walk out, business being down and all... Ronnie comes by and we ask what is a white quesadilla? He looks a bit quizzical then yells back to the kitchen, "hey do we still serve the white quesadilla?" answer yelled back...no! We explain that we seem to have two different menus. Joe is attempting to hand the incorrect menu to Ronnie who ignores it and asks, "so you ready to order?", we ask for another moment. Joe and I look at each other perplexed because we are thinking, dude don't you want to take this old menu out of rotation and possibly bring us another current menu? Apparently not. So, we decide that we are just going to pay for the tea and try to sneak out...NO CASH!!! Damn, so we have a face to face and ask Ronnie for the bill. He graciously waves the cost and we hurriedly leave. Okay, so we are off to our next destination. Stay tuned more later in the day. You will not believe it.

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