Thursday, June 17, 2010

I.N.C. Street Food

We (Joe & I)tried I.N.C.(Roswell) last night. Sat at the bar and enjoyed meeting Randi, she was everything a bartender should be. Friendly, attentive, gave great menu guidance and made us feel like we were valued customers. For a Wednesday night this place was jumping! Even the outside (front and back)patios were full and the bar was 2-3 deep at times. We started the evening with a "Street" margarita, very refreshing, but really nothing extraordinary. Next time I think I will try the margarita with the floater of Grand Mariner (sp?). We ordered two starters. The Poblano Chilli Rellenos was outstanding it was served in small cast iron casserole. I am a southern girl and anything cooked/served in cast iron has special place of honor in my culinary heart. The pepper was roasted and full flavored, some of the char still clung to the skin, a beautiful sight to see. It was stuffed with smoked chicken so tender and sweet with just right amount of smokiness. The chipotle cheese sauce with very rich and well balance. I am so over the whole "Chipotle" hype but this was done perfectly, not overly smoky or hot. Just right.

The second starter was Yucca and Cactus Fries with a "Latin" remoulade and a "Chipotle" pico de gallo. While I liked the taste of both sauces I could not recognize anything "Latin" or "Chipotle" (thank God) about the sauces. The vegetables were fried to perfection, the yucca was crispy and well seasoned on the outside and tender and creamy on the inside. We were thrilled with the cactus, once again crispy and well seasoned on the outside and tender and TANGY and the inside. What a treat! We both loved these.

By the time we ordered our entrees we were already satisfied but we had to try other things on the menu. I ordered the special with was Cod, fire grilled and served over Peruvian potato salad and topped with pico chimichurri. The fish was cooked well, moist and flaky. The Peruvian potato salad was diced waxy potato cooked al dente mixed with a herbs and a vinaigrette. I'm not sure if the potato salad was oily or the chimichurri broke and the oil separated. Whatever, the bottom of my plate was covered with oil. Since the fish sat up on the potatoes it did not taste oily. Overall I was pleased with the tastes and flavors, they just need watch the puddling of oil.

Joe ordered the carnitas tacos. Joe has an aversion to soft corn tortillas so I was a bit surprised that he ordered these. He says it is the smell of them not the taste he has a problem with. I think he smell the lye in the masa. But, I digress.... the carnitas were....unexpected. If I had closed my eyes and eaten a bite of this taco I would have sworn I was eating sweet & sour pork. The pork was tender and flavorful, the flavor was very sweet though, the porkiness did not come through. It was topped with pickled carrots and a very mild salsa. I don't think we would order these again.

The most unexpected thing of the evening happened after our meal. The chef brought us and order of the tuna tacos! OMG...order these if you are in the mood for a wonderful fish taco. The crispy onions and crema over the radish coleslaw was wonderful. The tuna was seared perfectly, not over cooked. I see why he was so proud of this dish. It should be flying out of the kitchen.

We really enjoyed the vibe of this place and we will go back. Comfortable (if a bit trendy, lots of beautiful people)neighbor place and I bet they will know our names the next time we walk thru the door. Service is top notch!

I took pictures with my camera phone, but uploading them became problematic. I will start caring an actual camera with me.

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