Saturday, June 26, 2010

Angels at Oakland

Can you identify any or all of the symbolism created in this statue? It is a grave marker at Oakland Cemetary in Atlanta. If you have never been to Oakland ...GO. It is an awesome place. Designed for public use as well as a "Sleeping Place". Forty three beautiful acres waiting to be discovered. Take a tour or just take a walk it will bring peace to your soul. Joe and I enjoyed our afternoon here in May and plan to go back once this heat wave is over and the weather cools a bit.

Happy Weekend!!!

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  1. Oakland is definitely a muti-trip destination. A very peaceful place. Full of history. And odd as it may seem, Pam and I enjoy going to cemeteries. They're not creepy. They're just part of life and there are so many stories they have and so much history to share.